Tower Of God Chapter 626

Tower Of God

Chapter 626










Welcome to Tower of God World!

Step into the captivating universe of “Tower of God,” a South Korean webtoon masterpiece penned and illustrated by SIU, also known as Lee Jong-hui. At the heart of SIU’s expansive Talse User Story universe, this webtoon is published by Naver and is freely available on their platform, Naver Webtoon. Since its inception in 2010, “Tower of God” has transcended borders, captivating audiences worldwide with its rich storytelling and immersive world-building. Translated into 28 languages, it has amassed a staggering 4.5 billion views globally, a testament to its enduring popularity and impact.

Why Tower of God?

At the heart of “Tower of God” lies the story of Bam, an irregular who defies convention by opening the Tower’s door into a realm of mystery and wonder. Joined by Rachel, his enigmatic companion, Bam embarks on an epic journey within the Tower’s walls, unraveling its secrets and confronting formidable challenges along the way. With its compelling narrative and dynamic characters, “Tower of God” offers a unique blend of action, suspense, and intrigue, captivating readers and viewers alike.

Main Characters

Bam: The protagonist of the series, Bam’s journey from the depths of obscurity to the heights of the Tower epitomizes resilience and determination. As an irregular, his path is fraught with uncertainty, but his unwavering resolve drives him ever onward.

Rachel: A pivotal figure in Bam’s life, Rachel’s quest to reach the stars fuels her ambition, shaping Bam’s destiny in unforeseen ways. Her departure sparks Bam’s odyssey, setting the stage for an epic tale of friendship and betrayal.

Khun Aguero Agnes: A brilliant strategist with a troubled past, Khun’s alliance with Bam heralds a new chapter in his quest for redemption. Despite his cunning demeanor, Khun’s loyalty and camaraderie endear him to allies and adversaries alike.

Rak Wraithraiser: A towering presence with a penchant for combat, Rak’s quest for worthy adversaries leads him to cross paths with Bam and Khun. Despite his gruff exterior, Rak’s loyalty and valor make him a steadfast ally in the Tower’s tumultuous trials.